Hynstein is positioned to add immense value across various industries and walks of life through innovative development and strategic entrepreneurship. Our approach is simple- making life easier one-solution-at-a-time. We operate as independent ventures specializing in specific product or service offerings for focus and measurable impact. Our teams are spread across our businesses with the sole purpose of innovating and delivering value.

Our Solutions

  • Technology Consulting
  • Website-On-Demand
  • Digital Publishing
  • E-Learning
  • Non-Profit
Technology Consulting

Type of Venture : IT Consultancy (B2B Service)

Status: Active (Started January 2013)

Hynstein Technologies started as our pioneer business since  2013. We have been specifically focused on delivering IT Consulting services to Small and Medium Sized Businesses in Nigeria. Our past and existing clients range from mid-size to large organizations in Real Estate, Hospitality, Education, Micro-finance, and other service sectors in Nigeria.  

 Our service areas include;

  • Web Application and Mobile Development
  • Software Solutions Consulting (With focus on ERP, CRM, Document Management, Collaboration, Education and Health Management Systems)
  • Managed IT Services (Web, Software & Office IT Support)
  • Procurement (Software, Hardware, Network Equipment, Systems & Electronics)
  • IT Project Management & Talent Outsourcing 

Digital Publishing